The Ministry of defence of Serbia riots called the attempt to start a civil war

— Head of the Ministry of defence of Serbia Alexander Wulin commented on anti-government protests in the country.

Protests began in Serbia on 7 July: a disgruntled epidemiological situation in the Republic and actions of the authorities aimed at combating coronavirus, came to the Parliament in Belgrade immediately after the President Aleksandar Vucic announced the introduction of a curfew from Friday to Monday because of the growth infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Clashes with law enforcement, it has affected about 43 policemen were burned five cars. Various injuries to more than 20 citizens, 24 demonstrators were detained.

Vucic called night riots in the capital, gross political violence over the past few years and pointed out the involvement of right-wing extremists, criminals and intelligence services from neighboring countries.

Demonstrations continued on Wednesday in particular, protesters attacked offices of the ruling Serbian progressive party (SNS) and journalists. They are required to provide truthful information about the victims COVID-19 and criticized the editorial policy of the national teleradioservis, which, in their opinion, biased illuminates the actions of the opposition.