The court has stopped manufacture under the claim of the deceased former head of the Chuvash Republic

Russia's Supreme court dismissed an administrative lawsuit of the former head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev challenging the decree on early termination of its powers, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

At the meeting, the representative of Ignatieff said the motion to substitute the plaintiff for the spouse of the former Governor.

The Supreme court may 20 took to the production of the statement of claim Ignatieff to Vladimir Putin in that part in which the former head of the region was disputed by the presidential decree on early termination of his powers. The court refused to consider the claim in terms of requirements for establishing the fact of partial disability and establishing the right to additional social and other guarantees. Ignatiev died June 18 after a long illness on 59-m to year of life.

In January in social networks and media, the video appeared as the head of the Chuvash Republic Ignatieff mocked the officer of the Ministry, forcing him to jump over a high raised keys to new company cars. The presentation of the equipment took place in Cheboksary in the Republic square. In the EMERCOM of the Republic called the episode a "friendly joke", but the Minister Evgeny Senichev considered unacceptable behavior Ignatieff.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 29 Ignatieff was deprived from the post in connection with loss of trust, the acting was appointed the Deputy of the state Duma from party "Fair Russia" Oleg Nikolaev.