In AgoraVox has ridiculed the statement of Kiev about the "invasion" of Russia

The author of the article for the French edition AgoraVox Kristel Neaño in the material ridiculed the statement of the Ukrainian side about the Russian "invasion".

She reminded that earlier the Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar stated that Russia could attack Ukraine during the exercises "Caucasus — 2020", and the commander of the Ukrainian Navy rear Admiral Alex Neiipp did not rule out that "the Russian Empire" attempts to strike at the Kherson area to restore water supply to Crimea through the North channel. According to the author, this scenario looks even "more crazy" than the mentioned "causes" of the attack.

She called the vision of Russia as Empire and delusional. In addition, Neaño said that some people are stuck in the Soviet times and can't understand that today's Russia is not the USSR.

"This Admiral, probably, still more neglected than other Russophobes, as he threw 30 years, and more than a century ago. I think psychiatrists would do well to consider the opening in Ukraine of the whole research centre with regard to the degree of insanity which reigns among the elite of the country," writes Neaño.

She recalled that journalists accuse Russian colleagues in building damage, and officials say the alleged "invasion". All such statements, according to Neaño, constitute extensive material for "scientific" research. The article also reminded about the threat of the Ukrainian side missiles "Neptune", which can strike at Crimea. However, she reminded that Russia have an effective missile system. Neaño noted that one Ukrainian analyst even called the date "the invasion" — on 7 July. According to her, the reason for such statements was the expert meeting "channel four" in Berlin.

She pointed out that Russia is not going to invade a neighboring country, the Russian leaders "do not want to arrange the bombing and military operations in other States."

Earlier, the commander of naval forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Neiipp said that if Russia attacks the Kherson area, Ukraine will start fighting. Russia, in his opinion, need access to the region to allow water from the Dnieper river to the Crimea. He also threatened missiles "Neptune", which can get to Sevastopol.

In the Kremlin words Neiipp called stupidity and hysteria.