The status of the richest man in the world newly updated record

The state's richest man in the world - CEO of Amazon - Jeff Bezos is again updated a historical record, reaching 182,6 billion dollars, says Forbes magazine.

In early July, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to counting them in the rating Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI) announced that the state of Bezos jumped to a new high 171,6 billion dollars.

Thus, from the beginning of July figure is the second time I updated the record.

Such situation is observed on the background of continuing growth in the value of Amazon shares at the end of Thursday, it rose 2.7% to a record 3081,11 dollar apiece, and the capitalization of the company rose to 1.54 trillion dollars. The Bezos, according to the publication, owned 11.1% of Amazon's stock, and he tops the ranking of richest people Forbes from 2017.

In may, consulting company for small businesses Comparisun published its forecast that Bezos has all chances to become the first, whose fortune exceeds one trillion dollars, in 2026. According to Forbes magazine, published in early April, Bezos third consecutive year, remains the richest man in the world.