Wang: China is still genuinely wants to develop relations with the United States

China's policy toward U.S. have not changed, Beijing still wants to develop Sino-us relations, said Thursday foreign Minister Wang Yi at the forum of analytical centers of China and the United States.

The text of the speech published on the website of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

He added that with the development of China's some "American friends" there are more and more apprehension and even fear, however, China has never intended to challenge US or try to replace them. Wang stressed that the main priority for China is to improve the welfare of their people, the revival of the Chinese nation and China hopes peace and stability in the world.

"For this reason, China's policy towards the U.S. is characterized by a high degree of stability and consistency. We are ready on the basis of confrontatie, mutual respect and mutual benefit to build Sino-us relations," said Wang Yi