In, China announced the most serious challenge to relations with the US

Sino-us relations are facing the most serious challenges since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, said Thursday foreign Minister Wang Yi at the forum of analytical centers of China and the United States.

The text of the speech published on the website of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

He noted that some people in the United States, on the basis of ideological prejudices, struggle to make China the enemy and even the enemy, resorting to all means to curb the development of China, not disdaining any methods interfere with Sino-American relations.

"Can this big ship of China-us relationship is sailing for more than 40 years to maintain the correct course, applies not only to the peoples of the two countries, but also the future of the world and of mankind," - said Wang Yi

According to the Chinese Minister, the US and China should not try to change each other and must work together to find a way of coexistence between different systems and different cultures.