Meteorologists said on climate change in the next five years

Average global temperatures at least 1°C above pre-industrial levels 1850-1900 years in each of the next five years, and may exceed 1.5°C, in a year, according to a new climate forecast released Thursday by the world meteorological organization (WMO).

According to experts of the WMO, the average temperature on Earth has already exceeded 1°C compared to preindustrial period. The last five-year period was the warmest in the last five years.

Forecast WMO it does not take into account changes in emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols as a result of the pandemic COVID 19.

"WMO has repeatedly stressed that the industrial and economic decline as a result of the pandemic COVID-19 is not a replacement for sustained and coordinated action in the field of climate. In connection with a very long term CO2 in the atmosphere it is expected that the effects of emission reduction this year will not lead to a decrease in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is the main cause of global temperature increase", - said the Secretary General of WMO.

According to him, despite the fact that COVID-19 had a negative effect on the global economy, States must seize the opportunity and to include measures to combat climate change in your program of recovery after the pandemic.