Named tourist places in Russia, competing with foreign

The major sites of the Russian Federation for a summer vacation, able to compete with destinations abroad, the Russians think Sochi, Crimea and Saint Petersburg, according to a study of the Bank "Otkrytie", which is available to RIA Novosti.

Competitive places of summer holidays in Russia 13% of respondents also believe lake Baikal, 11% of respondents called the Altai, and another 9 per cent - Kazan and Moscow.

Overall spending summer vacation 42% of Russians are going home, or dacha, Russian resorts are planning to visit 26% of respondents, 15% of respondents go to new places for themselves in Russia, and another 6% in any foreign country, which will be opened for Russian tourists. While 19% of Russians do not plan to take a vacation.

The study was conducted from 3 to 7 July on a representative sample of 1000 among Russians at the age of 18-60 years with a median income of 30-60 thousand rubles per month in cities with a population over 100 thousand people.