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The expert spoke about the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi networks

Connect to free public Wi-Fi may lead to users not only getting spyware, but the leak of confidential information, told RIA Novosti the head offices of Avast (specializiruetsya on the means of information and cyber security) in Russia and CIS Alexey Fedorov.

The number of free networks is growing every year: they now have not only in airports and restaurants, but in parks, small beauty salons, coffee shops and many other places. Often to connect to the network the user is not required to enter a password and login. According to a survey from Avast 2018 free Wi-Fi in public areas are connected, 38% of Russians and 87% of all respondents are aware of the security risks arising from this.

"Like Wi-Fi access points -- a goldmine of information for attackers. Connecting to a public network, you can easily see websites that users are visiting, browser history, email and even registration data if a Wi-Fi network is insufficiently protected," he added.

In addition, he said, hackers often create fake access point masquerading as a legitimate Wi-Fi network of organizations, restaurants, shopping centers. Once a person connects to it, he immediately falls into the trap of hackers.

"We recommend users to avoid performing sensitive transactions while connected to public Wi-Fi networks, such as banking transactions. Users of public Wi-Fi must ensure that the websites they visit use HTTPS -- this means that the traffic is encrypted, and use instant messengers, which provide end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of their data and actions" - suggests the expert.