Space telescope Gamma-400 will run on a "Hangar" with "East"

Astrophysical space Observatory Gamma-400 for monitoring gamma-ray sources in the Universe is scheduled to be launched by the carrier rocket "Angara" from the cosmodrome "East", told RIA Novosti scientific project Manager, chief researcher of the physics Institute Arkady'per.

In April the General Director of NPO Lavochkin, Vladimir Kolmykov told RIA Novosti that the launch of the Observatory is planned in 2030.

According to him, the Observatory is scheduled to be on highly elliptical orbit in order to go beyond the radiation belts of the Earth. "And then this orbit will become circular with an altitude of 200-300 thousand kilometers due to the effect of the Earth and moon", - said the scientist.

Observatory Gamma-400 is designed to obtain data to determine the nature of "dark matter" in the Universe, the development of the theory of the origin of high-energy cosmic rays and particle physics, study of cosmic gamma radiation in the range of high energies and x-ray radiation, charged particles of cosmic rays, the search for and study of gamma-ray bursts.

In addition to the Physical Institute and NPO Lavochkin, the project involves national research nuclear Institute MEPhI, Institute of space research Russian Academy of Sciences and the Federal scientific center – research Institute of system researches.