"Not ashamed to lie?" Infected with coronavirus Anita Choi was accused of lying

Users of instagram have suspected the singer Anita Tsoy in a lie about infection with a coronavirus.

The actress posted a video from a hospital ward and told about his health.

"When I feel bad, I don't contact, when do I show up here to cheer you on and say that I have all the moves where needed. A little more and probably me too will be discharged. Another week, if not more. I, unfortunately, can not live without oxygen, but nothing terrible," she said.

However, some subscribers had doubts that Choi really hurts COVID-19. Users have noted that the singer looks good too for a sick person.

"Well, again, as Babkina direct: prettier from the crown, well, is so patient with oxygen sitting painted," wrote @demiurg_2019.

Do you want to see me ugly? Dying? No! We are the stars. We are not allowed", — replied the artist.

"This is a fake info, you don't look sick, how much you paid for the theater?" — asked the singer @smetana.tatiana.

"What's the benefit of such advertising?" — asked her Choi.

"Are not you ashamed to lie?" — outraged @abbasovarit.

"Be careful! You could have a problem," he warned in response to the artist.

Many subscribers wished the singer's health and speedy recovery.

On hospitalization Choi June 30, reported RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the singer Anna Kruzel. A representative for the actress said that Choi comply with self-isolation and all precautions, it is difficult to guess how she contracted the coronavirus.