In Belgrade, police used tear gas against demonstrators

Riots on the streets of Belgrade, caused by dissatisfaction with new restrictive measures, imposed by the Serbian government due to the spread of coronavirus infection, continues on Wednesday evening, police disperse protesters from the main streets, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

At the moment, the group of protesters, unhappy with the current epidemiological situation in the country and the actions of the authorities, scattered through the many small streets near the Parliament house, which previously passed the main speech, and near the Republic square.

Security forces lined up in a cordon along with armored vehicles and mounted police to disperse the crowd using tear gas. The law enforcement officers throwing fireworks, stones, road signs and debris. Skirmishes periodically occur and are resolved in different parts of the city, it is impossible to determine whether the protesters are coordinating their actions and how and where the next flash hotbed of clashes.

Rally in front of the national Assembly (Parliament) began on Wednesday afternoon and initially was peaceful in nature. Several thousand people came to Express dissatisfaction with the restrictive measures because COVID-19 and policies of President Alexander Vucic. The unrest began earlier in the night from Tuesday immediately after the announcement Survived on new measures.

Vucic on Wednesday called night riots in Belgrade, gross political violence over the past few years and pointed out the involvement of right-wing extremists, criminals and intelligence agencies from countries in the region.

The Serbian President on Tuesday night announced that from Friday to Monday again curfews during a state of emergency from March to may 6th.