The expert assessed the draft law on the alienation of the territories

The law equating the alienation of territory to extremism that will end the speculation on the status of Crimea, said the Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber of the Crimea, the Crimean political scientist Alexander Formanchuk.

Earlier, the head of the Duma Committee on legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas introduced in the state Duma the project of equating alienation of territories of the Russian Federation to extremist activities. The project was based on the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has sent the draft to the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption. He also said that in the first reading the bill can be considered on July 14.

According to Formanchuk, the law will allow to stop political speculations around the Crimea, and Kaliningrad, the Kurile Islands and lands of the Caucasus.

"After the amendments to the Constitution and the enactment of the law to all similar political speculations will come to an end. On the domestic political market will come to an end, because in our country this kind of talk is inappropriate. For similar statements must be followed by appropriate punishment," - said RIA Novosti Formanchuk.

He noted that the Crimea was reunited with Russia on the basis of the will of the Crimean people, the decision of the President and the state Duma, therefore, is in the country legally. "If someone in Russia think that it is illegal, then their words should be equated with extremist statements," says Formanchuk.