Murashko told about the immunity recover from COVID-19

Immunity to coronavirus is formed they all recover from COVID-19, its resistance depends on the severity of the disease, told the TV channel "Russia 1" the Minister of health of Michael Murashko.

According to him, immunity to gain even those who have had infection with asymptomatic infection.

The Minister also noted that the consequences of the disease are faced primarily by those who were ill, severe.

The work of the Russian health care system during a pandemic Murashko has been assessed positively. Now, he said, almost everywhere there is a steady decline in morbidity.

"We have learned to work with problems, and our technology show that they are effective. Fortunately, we are not faced with a shortage of medical care", — said the Minister.

Among the developed in Russia vaccine against coronavirus, according to him, seventeen are considered promising, they are more in-depth work. According to Murashko, during the pandemic the number of supporters of vaccination has increased.

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