Amazon will pay a penalty for supplying goods to residents of the Crimea, Iran and Syria

Amazon agreed to pay 134,5 thousand dollar fine for selling products to residents of Syria, Iran and Crimea, said the Ministry of Finance of the USA on Wednesday.

As reported by the Ministry of Finance, the company "agreed to pay 134,523 thousand dollars to compensate for their possible civil liability for the violations of numerous sanctions."

The Agency writes that as a result of gaps in monitoring for compliance, Amazon has provided goods and services to people under sanctions in sanctioned countries and / or regions, such as Crimea, Iran and Syria. Also, according to the Agency, Amazon has provided services to individuals who live or work in the foreign offices of sanctioned countries.

According to the Finance Ministry, although the company failed to notify authorities about a "few hundred" of such transactions, which violated its obligations, it was not intentional.