Gypsies attacked Bryansk family because of the comments about the packs of dogs

Bryansk police checks in connection with the case of attacks on Roma neighbours reprimanded them about the pack of dogs, after the medical examination the decision on excitation of criminal case.

The conflict occurred in Volodarsky district of Bryansk, where a large number of Roma families. According to preliminary information the police, the man and daughter were out on a bike ride, not far from the house they were attacked by a pack of neighborhood dogs. The man made a remark to the owners, to which they reacted with aggression. As explained RIA Novosti one of the victims, we are talking about people of Roma origin.

"A statement to the police said 48-year-old local resident. He said that he was in the house when the yard broke into the crowd of angry neighbors. They attacked a man, his wife and relative, and began to beat them. Arrived on the scene, the police seized a metal pipe and fragments of wooden sticks that were used by the attackers", - stated in the message of Ministry of internal Affairs of the region

Presently police establishes all circumstances of an event. The materials of the preliminary investigation are in the criminal investigation Department of the Volodarsky district. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case under article 112 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation "Deliberate causing of average weight of harm to health". The sanction of this article prescribes punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to three years. The final decision about excitation of criminal case will be made on the results of the medical examination which will establish the severity of injury.

According to the census 2010 population in the Bryansk region is home to 3836 Roma, nearly fifteen hundred of them – inhabitants of the regional center.