USA, said the technical discussions with Russia on nuclear weapons

The U.S. hopes that the technical discussions on strategic stability with Russia will be held in the next few weeks, said the special envoy of the U.S. President for arms control Marshall Billingsley.

"I hope that the next level of discussions with Russia on the level of technical experts will be held in a few weeks," said Billingsley, speaking at the event of the Institute name of the Brookings institution.

He commended his recent meeting in Vienna with Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

"I think we both agree that we couldn't overcome the discrepancy in positions between us, but this is only the first negotiations," said Billingsley.

Russian-American consultations on strategic stability issues took place in Vienna on 22-23 June. The Russian delegation at the negotiations was headed by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, us - Billingsley. They discussed the issue of extending the Contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3), maintaining stability and predictability in the conditions of the termination of the INF Treaty. At the consultations, the sides confirmed the launch of the working group on space and a number of others. According to Ryabkov, the next meeting with Billingsly could take place in late July – early August.