"R-Pharm" will direct "Karanvir" in the regions upon receipt of registration

The drug from COVID-19 "Coronaves" will be sent to the hospitals of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Yaroslavl and other regions after receiving a registration certificate, said RIA Novosti in the pharmaceutical companies "R-Pharm".

The third Russian drug from COVID-19 international non-proprietary name favipiravir received the approval of the Ministry of health. Trade name of the drug is "Cornavin" producer company "R-farm", to information in the state register of medicines. The first drug on the basis of favipiravir was approved in late may, this "Aviewer" production RDIF and "Chimera". The second "Replevin" company "Promomed" in June. All drugs have a temporary registration until January 1, 2021.

The drug will be produced in Yaroslavl, production organized with the assistance of industry development Fund, said the company. "Cornavin" can be used only in a hospital, follows from the state register of medicines. Among the contraindications: pregnancy, planning pregnancy, breastfeeding, severe renal and liver failure. Do not use this drug to persons under 18 years of age.

"The emergence in Russia of such a drug as "Cornavin" invaluable it is not only important from the point of view of the health care of the patient. The ability of "Coronavirus" quickly to block the replication of the virus allows to reduce the rate of its further spread in the population and to ensure the safety of others," – said the Chairman of the Board "R-Pharm" Alexey Repik.

As explained in the company, the drug inhibits the viral RNA polymerase that is involved in the reproduction of the virus. "High efficacy has been confirmed through clinical studies conducted in patients with COVID-19 easy and moderate severity that included outpatient and inpatient cohort of patients," the company said, adding that the study involved 168 people.

In the group of outpatients on the seventh day of therapy, clinical improvement was achieved in 55% of patients who received "Karanavar", while in the comparison group, which used standard etiotropic therapy (antiviral, blockers of viral replication) – only 20%. "Significant difference in this parameter between the groups persisted and on the 14th day of the study, indicating that recovery in the use of "Coronavirus" going faster," the company said.

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