Vucic commented on the riots in Belgrade

Riots in Belgrade in the night of Wednesday in front of Parliament in connection with measures against COVID-19 gross political violence in the last few years, said the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic.

Vucic on Tuesday evening announced plans of imposing new restrictions in order to combat coronavirus. So, from Friday to Monday again curfews during a state of emergency from March to may 6th. After his speech in the night of Wednesday, protesting against the tightening of measures clashed with police near the Parliament of Serbia, suffered 43 police detained 24 participants of the protests, various injuries to two dozen citizens were burned five police cars.

"Night in Belgrade, we have seen gross political violence in the last few years. The Republic of Serbia in the last eight years, unlike the early times, fully respect the freedom of Assembly and demonstration, freedom to Express a different opinion and never compromise this right of its citizens", said Vucic at a press briefing.

"Faces of the far-right orientation, and at the beginning of the meeting there were those who thought that they came from coronavirus and their dissatisfaction with the particular action, the representatives of fascist organizations attacked the Assembly, entered into it, which is at least two serious crimes, brutally attacked the policemen insulted, beat them and threw stones. The police behaved with dignity, endured the pressure and responded only when they damaged the door and took the hall of the Parliament", - said the President of Serbia.

Vucic said that "a well-organized protest" seen part of the crime, and intelligence services from the region. He noted that among the most active protesters were supporters of the hard line on migrants, "opponents of 5G networks and those who believe that the earth is flat". The head of state also said that two of the detainees aggressive protesters have repeatedly had problems with the law, and one of them is a citizen of Montenegro.

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