The number of victims COVID-19 in Serbia reached 341

The number of victims COVID-19 in Serbia reached 341 persons, and total number infected since the beginning of the pandemic was 17 076 people, said President Alexander Vucic.

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic on Tuesday evening announced plans of imposing new restrictions in order to combat coronavirus. So, from Friday to Monday again curfews during a state of emergency from March to may 6th. After his speech in the night of Wednesday, protesting against the tightening of measures clashed with police near the Parliament of Serbia, suffered 43 police detained 24 participants of the protests, the various injuries received two dozen citizens.

"Today us the second day by the number of infected per day, and 357 persons from 8.6 per thousand tested. We have 11 dead and 118 people on ventilators and their number is increasing daily. Belgrade – the biggest problem," said Vucic at a press briefing.

According to the Ministry of health from Monday to Tuesday, 13 patients died of the coronavirus that is the maximum of the pandemic.

Earlier, Vucic also said that currently only about 4 thousand persons are in hospitals with COVID-19, and in the capital Belgrade medical facilities are nearly full. The country plans to deploy more than 10 COVID-hospitals, the construction of two specialized hospitals. A state of emergency because of the coronavirus acts in Belgrade and 14 regions of the country.

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