A court in Kiev decided not to elect Poroshenko measure

The Pechersky district court of Kiev left without consideration the petition for election measures of restraint in the form of the personal obligation ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the case of the appointment of Sergei Semochko first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service.

A Prosecutor on Wednesday told Poroshenko about the investigation in the case of the appointment of Semochko. The Prosecutor then told the court that the remand Poroshenko after the completion of the investigation impractical.

"The petition about election of a preventive measure Poroshenko.... Leave without consideration", - told the investigative judge Sergey Vovk. It has been broadcast on the YouTube channel "the Judiciary of Ukraine".

During the meeting, the protection Poroshenko petitioned for questioning at the meeting of the Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova. "Only the attorney General can come in and explain what's going on," - said the lawyer Igor Golovan.

The defense also continued to insist on the interrogation of the investigator of the state Bureau of investigation Oleg Koretsky, who, according to them, is ready to testify in court about the pressure on the investigation of cases Poroshenko.

"I would ask you to return view (request – ed.) on the measure of restraint to the defense because of... the fact that they have not provided any evidence for election of a measure of restraint", - said Poroshenko, noting that unlike the lawyers agree to withdraw from the stated requests for interviews.

Earlier, the court granted the petition for prolongation of terms of investigation for another six months until October 10. A court in Kiev on Wednesday continued its consideration of the petition for election of Poroshenko's measure of restraint in the form of a personal commitment to completion of pre-trial investigation. This measure provides that Poroshenko should come on the first call to the investigator and to the court, not to leave Kyiv without the permission of the investigator, Prosecutor or court, refrain from communicating with other suspects or witnesses to pass on the saving to the investigator's passport.

The state Bureau of investigations of Ukraine Poroshenko suspects that in 2018 he made holding then a post of the head of the foreign intelligence Service of Yegor God to appoint his Deputy Semochko - at that time the chief of the Kiev Department of security Service of Ukraine. Poroshenko and his lawyers refused to accept a suspicion they think he tried to give illegal. In July 2018 Semochko was appointed first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service. Poroshenko, who was then President, in April 2019 fired Semochko. Later Semochko appealed to the Supreme court the decree on his dismissal.