Media: Nikita Dzhigurda was detained during a visit to Diveevo

Actor Nikita Dzhigurda was detained during a visit to the village of Diveevo near the local monastery, reports the edition "Nizhny Novgorod online".

The artist refused to give explanations about his visit.

Previously, ballerina Anastasia Volochkova was also visited Seraphimo-Diveevsky monastery, despite the fact that the village of Diveevo closed for quarantine due to coronavirus infection.

The police left the protocols and fined Volochkova and her companion. Later in social networks "Vkontakte" appeared the video, which shows how the actress scandals with representatives of the administration and police.

In April, several dozen nuns of the monastery revealed a coronavirus infection. From 25 April, the monastery and the village of Diveevo were quarantined, and on the 11th of June the quarantine in the monastery was canceled. The village remains closed.