Crimea will examine the construction of the direct railway line from Kerch to Simferopol

Crimea will prepare a feasibility study of the construction of a direct railway route from Kerch to Simferopol, the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

Now iron the road from Kerch to Simferopol passes through the city of Dzhankoy in Northern Crimea. A big part of it is single track, and line from Kerch to Dzhankoy is not electrified.

"We are studying the possibility of building a railway from Kerch to Simferopol. Prepare a feasibility study. I'm not ready to say whether the project is implemented. Only after will study all the possibilities, cost and payback of the project, only then will decide," - said Aksenov reporters.

According to him, the existing road extends the road from Kerch to Simferopol, there are problems with bandwidth.