The cyclist drove through Canada, almost six thousand kilometers in 20 days

Bianca Hayes has set a new record for female cyclists, drive 5900 kilometers in 20 days, reports Upi.

The initial goal was to beat the men's record, but it would have to meet in 15 days. It started in Vancouver and arrived in Halifax. Now Bianca Hayes officially the fastest woman on a bike in all of Canada.

This trip allowed her to collect about 22 thousand dollars, which she gave to the center for studying ovarian cancer. This act is a personal story: sister of the athletes died in the year 2018 because of this disease.

Bianca worries that over the past 50 years, survival rates have not changed for the better, but research is underfunded. So the cyclist is already considering his next trip. For the first time, it changed about 20 tires.