Announced release date of the collection of previously unpublished short stories by Terry Pratchett

The media learned that the collection, consisting of previously unreleased short stories by the English writer Terry Pratchett, will be released in September of this year, five years after the author's death, according to ActuaLitté.

According to the publication, written by Pratchett in his youth, when he worked at the local newspaper, the bucks free press in the 1960s — beginning of 1970-ies, will be collected in a book called "The time-travelling Caveman" ("a time-Traveling caveman").

In ActuaLitté clarify that some of these stories in 2014 were collected in the book "Dragons at crumbling castle" ("Dragons in the old castle"), but only six years later about the existence of other early works recognized publishers of children's books by Ruth Knowles and Tom Rawlinson.

After reviewing them, the editors realized that they had to create the final version of the book. According to Knowles and Rowlinson, in these stories so many original jokes and humor that they will appeal to children and adults.

The book tells of the adventures of a caveman who is traveling through time. For example, in one of the stories he will go to Mars on a steam rocket. Another story is associated with a shepherd, who discovered the grave of king Arthur.