Austria will limit COVID-19 for arriving from a number of countries

Austria imposes restrictions for the entering of Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria due to deteriorating in these countries the situation of coronavirus, said Wednesday the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

The Austrian authorities record growth in the number of patients with coronavirus - in the last days again revealed over a hundred new infected per day, as it was in April, and attributed this development, in particular, with the "importing" the infection from other countries.

Thursday traveling from Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria are required to present a negative test for the coronavirus or to comply with a 14-day quarantine. Earlier, Austrian foreign Ministry also warned against travel to the Western Balkans.

"Who returned to Austria from these countries are required to observe the 14-day quarantine. He who does not it does not comply, does the cavalier not a crime, and grave violation. Violation of the quarantine will be subjected to penalty of a fine of up to 1450 euros," the Chancellor said at a press conference.

He also said that since Thursday twice will intensify controls at the borders with Hungary and Slovenia, especially in relation to those who returned from the Western Balkans.

Restrictions on coronavirus no longer touch coming from 32 European countries, except Portugal, UK and Sweden.

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