The liberal democratic party will submit to the Duma the project of indexation of pensions to workers with disabilities

LDPR faction will soon submit to the Duma a bill on the indexation of pensions to workers with disabilities, said the Chairman of the faction, head of the Duma Committee on labour and social policy Yaroslav Nilov.

He recalled that earlier there was a mechanism through which indexation was returned to the retired guardians. "They just withdrew from the system of compulsory pension insurance, that is, they are not now insured persons. We offer the same system be extended to workers with disabilities," - said the MP.

According to him, the bill is almost ready and will soon be submitted to the Duma.

According to the liberal democratic party, said Nilov, also need to be adjusted in the consumer basket and the size of the minimum wage. "We have work, unfortunately, underestimated. And we have the Constitution now States that the work in respect of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the faction of the liberal democratic party will prepare their proposals," - said Nilov.