To save the team. As a dentist in Ulan-Ude saves his job

Director of the "Center of molecular diagnostics and dentistry" from Ulan-Ude Manel Amirkhanyan, despite the epidemic of the coronavirus and financial problems, was able to keep the entire staff his clinic and to pay them salaries for the months of inactivity. He is confident that in the next six months will be able to reach pre-crisis level earnings: services of its clinics are in the city demand, and doctors, despite the difficulties, work with enthusiasm.

Now any patient who came in "CMD dental-clinics", at the reception, be sure to measure the temperature - these are the new rules postgarantie. According to Amirkhanyan, visitors to the new requirements are understanding. However, this is not the only measure that is applied here. In the clinic there is always an adequate supply of disposable masks and gloves, as well as enhanced protection, a special masks and costumes. "From the very beginning we decided that all that we have to have on hand, and had already issued an internal order concerning the rules of work", - says the head of the clinic.

Manel Amirkhanyan - the stomatologist-orthopedist. Practice leads since 1995. At first he worked in public health, and later opened a small chain of opticians, and in 2011 – already the clinic. Here you can not only treat teeth, but to get on to other specialists do ultrasound, blood work. According to the Director, the dental clinics in the city a lot, but such a multi – uncommon. The competition is, but center it successfully withstands. Per month on average coming here about a thousand people.

"Among our staff – people of different age, but on average 35-40 years. Especially a lot of young people among dentists", says Amirkhanian. According to him, contemporary patients have become more disciplined and conscious. Dentists have long been afraid of no one. "Now patients are more literate, educated. Before going to the doctor a study all in advance online. So I know what I want. It is very good, and such people are easy to work with," says Amirkhanian.

The capital of Buryatia is no exception in a number of cities, which was introduced by the anti-limitations. All the clinic in town was closed on March 29, says Amirkhanian. A whole month – until April 30 – was simple, and only in early may were allowed to provide emergency dental care. It is only about 30% of the usual attendance. Authorities have imposed strict quarantine, and Amirkhanian himself admits that he did not want to risk people – staff and patients. A full reception in his clinic resumed only on June 1.

In the most difficult moment in April – entrepreneur went to the Bank and got interest free credit for maintaining employment of employees for the enterprises of small and average business.

"We quickly received an answer, and, to be honest, it's really help us out: we were able to pay our employees a full salary for April. Many then said to me that I didn't expect to get paid. But how you live now? Many of the loans. So people got money and were able to meet their obligations," says Amirkhanian. In the following months, the head of the clinic has also used financing from the SME Bank, and is allowed to make all the payments for may and June.

"If not for the help of the Bank we would be in a huge debt. Now there is a loan, slightly more than one million 400 thousand for 12 months at 0%. The whole amount divided into equal parts, which we receive monthly. We plan to use the credit within six months. Since now we already are on a normal income, I think six months will be able to pay staff salaries, and close the loan," concludes Amirkhanyan.