Kosachev: Russia will continue to respond to the US military presence in Europe

The head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said that Russia will continue to respond to the US military presence in Europe and NATO expansion, including adopting a new defensive system.

Earlier, defense Minister of Estonia jüri Luik said that adopted by Russia on the missile system poses a threat to all of NATO. According to the Minister, the presence of weapons, the United States in Estonia strengthens security.

"Don't be surprised, Mr. Luik that in the conditions when NATO continues to divide the space of European security privileged for yourself and as a residual for the rest, and Estonia indulges this irresponsible, Russia will react. So. To respond and answer," Kosachev wrote in Facebook.

Kosachev said that Luik has only confirmed a position of Russia, which has "30 years indicates that neither the expansion of NATO (including the admission of the same in Estonia) or the U.S. military presence in Europe, nor the placement on the territory of new Alliance members on a regular basis substantial armaments and armed forces of the Alliance do not improve the security situation in the region."

According to Kosachev, the adoption of new defense systems for Russia naturally. "We just have to think about their own safety, when the part of your Alliance with us (in theory) a common space of security is constantly threatened, breaking both the spirit of the European Charter for a new Europe, as well as the letter of the Founding act Russia-NATO", - said Kosachev.