In the Kaliningrad region the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 41

The number of deaths among patients with coronavirus in the Kaliningrad region over the past day has increased to 41 — he died a man who had a severe form of endocrine diseases, told reporters in the regional operational headquarters for control over novel coronavirus infection.

Among confirmed cases, five identified without clinical manifestations according to the results of laboratory tests contact with patients with coronavirus infection in the workplace and in the job in summer camp and before a planned hospitalization. Six more cases identified at laboratory tests on the background of clinical symptoms, including four diagnosed him with pneumonia.

According oberstab, one of the sick found in the airport "Khrabrovo" in the sanitary-quarantine inspection of passengers. Have come to rest resident of Moscow, the imager identified a higher temperature. With his words, he felt sick already on Board. Passengers were isolated and taken to the infectious hospital. Defined range of contact on the plane, they will now be under medical observation for 14 days.

By 8 July COVID-19 in the Kaliningrad region were examined 97,3 thousand people. Identified 2564 cases of infection, of which 1745 people were cured, 41 died. Remain under medical observation 515 people, including 22 in the Observatory.

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