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In Voronezh four people were injured in the collision of two boats

Four people were injured in a collision between two boats in the waters of the Voronezh reservoir, said Wednesday the official representative of EMERCOM of Russia in Voronezh region.

Information about the collision of two small vessels arrived to rescuers at 2120 GMT on Tuesday, July 7.

According GUMCHS, the boat was towed to the Parking lot of the state Inspectorate for small vessels. Materials about the incident reported to law enforcement agencies.

The Voronezh transport office of public Prosecutor began check upon collision of small vessels.

According to her, the driver of one of the boats and its owner brought to administrative responsibility under article of the administrative code "the management of the vessel by a person not entitled to control of this ship or the transfer of control of the vessel to a person not having such right" and fined 30 thousand rubles.