The head of the Yamal city of Gubkinskiy was hospitalized with COVID-19

The head of the city Gubkinsky (Yamalo-Nenets) Andrey Garanin reported that hospitalized with confirmed coronavirus infection gave complications.

According to him, the situation with coronavirus in the city, where about 30 thousand people, "sometimes difficult".

"Last week was organized by an additional 30 beds for patients with COVID–19, but they are already filled in, so in the near future will open 60 additional beds," added Garanin.

According to the regional operational headquarters in Gubkinsky coronavirus confirmed in 405 people, recovered less than a third of them. As a whole on Yamal the number of infected is approaching 7 thousand, recovered 2.7 thousand people died, 47 patients with COVID-19. The mode isolation in the Autonomous region is extended to July 10.

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