Putin proposed to change the date of celebration of Day of Russia

Member OP, the President of the National parent Committee Irina Volynets proposed to postpone the celebration of day of Russia on 1 July. Address with the corresponding initiative of Vladimir Putin, said the social worker of the RT.

The state holiday is celebrated on 12 June, however, according to Volynets, the date many Russians associate with the collapse of the Soviet Union, not independence.

"Due to the fact that the vast majority of citizens of Russia approved the amendments to the Constitution... I ask You to instruct the Russian government to carry out a complex of actions required for the approval end date... a vote, July 1, the Day of Russia, of the announcement a national holiday and a day", — said in her statement.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution passed in Russia with 25 to July 1. The results of processing all protocols showed that the amendments approved 77,92% of citizens against — 21.27 percent. The turnout was 67,97 percent.