The US said it was ready to negotiate with North Korea

The US special envoy on North Korea Stephen Behan said that the United States recognize the importance of inter-Korean cooperation and is ready for dialogue with North Korea, which only need to designate a competent negotiator, reports Yonhap news Agency.

Began arrived in Seoul on 7th July and has already held meetings with key South Korean diplomats, including foreign Minister Kang Kyong Hwa and her the first Deputy Cho Se Ena, a meeting which lasted about an hour. The sides discussed North Korea, coronavirus and cooperation of the Republic of Korea with the United States. After that, began met with his counterpart, special representative of the foreign Ministry of South Korea on issues of peace and security on the Korean Peninsula To Hoon.

According to the results of the last meeting of Bigan noted that the inter-Korean cooperation important for the security of the Korean Peninsula and he "fully supports" the efforts the South Korean government to promote cooperation with the DPRK.

Began noted that "the United States is ready to negotiate and Kim Jong-UN will be able to check it out", if you assign a "competent" negotiating partner who would be "ready for him." However, according to him, the current visit to Seoul was scheduled for talks with ally, that is South Korea, so the American side requested the DPRK about the meeting.

The US special envoy also said that the guidelines for negotiations with North Korea are not statements of individual entities in North Korea and the United States, and the agreements reached by the two leaders over the past two years. "View of the situation emanating from those conclusions came from the President trump and President Kim Jong-UN during meetings over the past two years, will bring more lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, reforming relations on the Peninsula, will be removed from nuclear weapons, it means a brighter future for the Korean people," said Behan.

Earlier, first Deputy foreign Minister of the DPRK Choi Seon Hee, in his statement, rejected the possibility of a summit with the United States, which, in her words, "persistently clinging to a hostile policy against the DPRK," not ready to propose any new terms and to use only a "small trick" to use the DPRK in solving their internal problems.