The special representatives of the United States and South Korea on North Korea held talks

The special envoys on the DPRK from the United States and South Korea met in Seoul and discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula, inter-Korean cooperation and the resumption of negotiations with North Korea, reports Yonhap news Agency.

The US special envoy on North Korea Stephen Behan arrived in Seoul on 7th July and has already held meetings with key South Korean diplomats, including foreign Minister Kang Kyong Hwa and her the first Deputy Cho Se Ena, a meeting which lasted about an hour. The sides discussed North Korea, coronavirus and cooperation between the ROK and the United States. After that, began met with his counterpart special envoy of the foreign Ministry of South Korea on issues of peace and security on the Korean Peninsula To Hoon.

In recent years the relations of Seoul and Pyongyang has significantly strained by the ongoing South Korea shares some of the organizations that are using plastic bottles with hot air being moved to the territory of the DPRK propaganda leaflets. North Korea has repeatedly demanded the cessation of these activities in accordance with the joint statement of the leaders of South and North 2018 waiver of hostility against each other. But activists continued to send the leaflets, and Pyongyang declared that "his patience is over." The sixteenth of June, the DPRK blasted situated on its territory near the demilitarized zone in the inter-Korean Kaesong building coordination Bureau.

The next day, the General staff of the DPRK announced that it is considering a plan for the introduction of troops in the border areas and resumption of military exercises, as well as the newly returned civilian police to the posts of the military police in the demilitarized zone, which were released by agreement with the South in 2018. Later, the bringing of these measures into execution was postponed on the orders of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.