The expert compared the Russian "Angara" and Falcon 9 Elon musk

The Russian carrier rocket heavy class "Angara-A5" is second only to the rocket, Elon musk, Falcon 9, but excels by its technical characteristics, all the other carriers in the world, said in an interview with RIA Novosti's former Director General (2005-2012) and chief designer (2009-2014) of the center of Khrunichev (manufacturer of the carrier rocket "Angara") Vladimir Nesterov.

According to Nesterov, in his time, he appealed to the leadership of the Roscosmos with the idea to start the test return of rocket blocks, but in connection with the change of leadership of the Federal space Agency and following his departure from the Khrunichev Center, the idea has not received development.

At the same time according to different parameters, said Nesterov, "Angara" is superior to the Falcon 9. "The engine of the first stage of "Angara" RD - 191. It is unique in its characteristics of the engine. Nobody in the world never did, even 10 years wouldn't do that. RD-0124 second stage. He has a specific impulse of 359 units. Any designer in the world, even Elon musk, this figure is not even dreamed of. Brand new and unique engine. The design excellence of Angara is slightly worse than the Mask, but it is better than all other missiles. The control system is completely new. Fairing made of composites. The same uses Elon Musk and no one else in the world. And then he made us late for five years. Unique start-up package that allows you to run from one point three rockets – easy "Angara-1.2" average "Angara-A3" and the heavy "Angara-A5" - said Nesterov.

The ninth of July marks six years since the first launch of light rocket Angara. And six months later this was followed by the first launch heavy rocket "Angara-A5". The next launch heavy carrier is planned for fall 2020.