The handlers gave advice on how to travel with a dog

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) shared with RIA Novosti useful tips for those who decided to travel with a dog.

"For many of us a dog is a full-fledged member of the family who cannot be left at home or in the zoo hotels when I travel. Many believe that to take your pet with you on a long journey too troublesome or even impossible, but it is misleading," said RIA Novosti President of RKF Vladimir Golubev.

To travel with an animal that is carried as a companion on the territory of Russia simply stated in RKF. You will need only to issue a veterinary passport.

"A passport should be a stamp of vaccination. The current vaccination against rabies is a requirement. However, if the animal moves with the change of owner and/or for participation in exhibitions, it is necessary to design a veterinary certificate. Please note that a veterinary certificate is valid for five days before you travel, during travel and before it is completed," - said the dog.

In addition, when traveling by air it is necessary to specify in advance the requirements of the airlines and, if necessary, before planting to produce documents on the animal. "Be prepared to show a veterinary certificate or veterinary passport of railway servant travelling by train", - reported in RKF.

If the owner is travelling with a pet from or to the Kaliningrad region by air, any additional documents at issue is not required. However, when traveling by train or car you will need the so-called eurospace. "You can get it in the office of Rosselkhoznadzor in advance, if traveling by railway transport, or at the checkpoint across the state border when travelling by car. In addition, to reduce the time, eurospace can be issued independently and to assure her inspector of the Rosselkhoznadzor", - advised the dog.

First, dog handlers advise, first of all, carefully study the veterinary-sanitary requirements of the country you plan to visit. Some countries have restrictions on importing certain breeds of dogs. "If you plan to visit several countries or transiting, find out the requirements of all States on whose territory you will be with the animal," - said in RKF.

Secondly, pet owners are advised to contact the station for combating animal diseases. There pet prepare for the trip: make the necessary processing, chipping, vaccination and make the most of the right marks in the international veterinary passport. "To obtain a veterinary passport of an established standard can be the same," said the dog.

The first thing to do for the importation of animals in most countries – chipped him. All microarray data are recorded in an international database of Animal-ID. Vaccination against rabies is another mandatory requirement for traveling with a pet. For most countries, the vaccination should be held no later than 21 days before crossing the border.

Thirdly, you must pass veterinary control. "To pass him at the airport, you need an international pet passport with information about the results of all vaccinations or a veterinary certificate form No. 1, or the veterinary certificate of the Customs Union, form # 1, depending on the country of destination. If you are traveling to the European Union, at the airport employees of the Rosselkhoznadzor will draw on your animal eurospace", - told in RKF.

There was advised when leaving for the airport to include the added time for completion of these procedures. "If you travel by train or car, to arrange eurospace or certificate you need to advance," he reminded the handlers.

If the trip is planned with the dog, it is best to accustom her to the transport container as soon as possible, advise the dog. "Dogs are good travelers know that carrying connected to all major fun and adventure in their lives, and in a long journey perceive carrying a tent and shelter, so no need to think, placing a dog in a box, you deprive her freedom. Carrying is the comfort and safety of your four-legged companion," said in RKF.

To a pet accustomed to carry and would learn to leave it alone, you can put favorite toys and treats, but at home keep the container open so the dog could come and sleep in it. To yourself in the way you need to have a collar, leash and muzzle. Is my dog need a good walk, but do not feed. If the trip is long, dog handlers advise you to take dry food and the water that the dog drinks at home.

"Don't forget to collect the suitcase for your dog. On vacation you'll need two bowls for food and water - a familiar food, disposable diapers, bags to clean up after your dog on a walk, and first aid kit. Take the favorite toys of your pet and care: combs, brushes, shampoo and a towel," he told the handlers.

The first thing when flying in an airplane you need to check with the airline regulations for transportation of animals, because on the plane are not all Pets. For example, some airlines do not allow transport of dogs belonging to the brachycephalic breeds: bulldog (English, French, American), pug, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, boxer, Griffon (Belgium, Brussels), Boston Terrier, French Mastiff, Japanese chin. "According to the rules established in most of the companies in the passenger compartment may be carried by a dog whose mass together with container does not exceed eight kilograms. The dimensions of the hard container by length, width and height should not exceed 44×30×26 cm. For carriage in the cargo compartment, the weight of the animal together with the container should not exceed 50 kilograms," - said in RKF.

When booking your ticket in advance, you should inform the carrier that the flight will take place with the pet. "Keep in mind that each company has set quantitative regulation of animal transportation in the cabin and in the Luggage compartment, so a pet must book in advance. To pay for the transportation of the animal is possible only in the airport, after checking all the necessary documents and weighing dogs together with carrying on the Desk," - said in RKF.

Railway transportation is allowed not in all types of cars recalled in RKF. "Before buying a ticket in advance, check the information on the official website of Russian Railways. Transportation of Pets abroad is governed by the rules of the particular carrier, as well as the agreement on international passenger communication, the document is constantly updated, so, going on a trip, it is necessary to familiarize with the current changes in the agreement," he told the handlers.

Before choosing a hotel, experts advise in advance to read the terms of accommodation. "Pets may not always be accepted, but in many hotels it is a well established and popular service. When booking inform that you are bringing a pet, and will specify special conditions and the price of the dog in the room (be prepared for the fact that the property may ask for a small Deposit which will be returned to you upon departure)," he told the handlers.