Ex-participant of "factory of stars" harshly criticized the winner of the show

Ex-participant of "factory of stars" Rita Dakota in his instagram harshly criticized the winner of the seventh season of the show Anastasia Prikhodko.

According to the actress, her former rival for the project was shared fascist views. With her, the singer is constantly "fought and fought". Moreover, among the participants of the show were and others disagree with Prikhodko. So, one of the politically incorrect jokes of the future the winner of the project to address black women from Astrakhan Cornelia Mango led to the fact that she threw in her Bank energy.

"Cornelia, because of the color of their skin also got Nasty. I remember when she started in the head Prikhodko jar redbull for another racist joke," explained Dakota.

She also expressed confidence that in modern conditions Prikhodko because their views would not have been able to not only win this show, but even just "him with TV".

"And then she won. For me it was a triumph of evil over good, cruelty to cordiality", — concluded the Dakota.