In Serbia, protesters from action against COVID-19 broke into the Parliament

In the centre of Belgrade in the night of Wednesday there were mass riots after the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic announced plans of imposing new restrictions in order to combat the coronavirus, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. There are detainees and wounded.

The most radical protesters attacked police cordons were able to enter the hall of the building of Parliament of Serbia, burned three police cars and several garbage containers. The police used tear gas and other special means.

According to the interior Ministry, in front of the Parliament building gathered about 5 thousand people, the smaller of which headed opposition activists Daniel and Srdjan Knežević Tion broke through a police cordon and stormed into the hall of the Assembly, but were later arrested.

"A group of protesters chose unacceptable behavior that could be called a hooligan, and attacked police officers who were there, in the performance of duty and threw stones," said police Director Vladimir Rebić in national television.

The organizers of the protest action by the group of opposition parties, announced a boycott held in the country on 21 June parliamentary elections. The opposition accuses the government, led Survived to delay these elections, and the issuance of permits for a massive sporting and other events, where it was impossible to comply with the measures of social distancing, as previously warned experts. Survived until now, all charges were dismissed.

The Serbian President on Tuesday night announced that from Friday to Monday again curfews during a state of emergency from March to may 6th. Vucic also said that currently only about 4 thousand persons are in hospitals with COVID-19, and in the capital Belgrade medical facilities are nearly full. The country plans to deploy ten more COVID-hospitals.

As reported on Tuesday the Ministry of health in Serbia during day 13 patients died of the coronavirus, which is a maximum for all time of a pandemic. The number of victims has reached 330, the total number of patients since the beginning of the pandemic was 16 719.

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