Biden promised to impose restrictions against goods from Russia

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Joe Biden proposed a plan to reform the supply chains of products in the United States and allies with the idea of reducing their dependence on Russian and Chinese imports, says the text of the plan, posted Wednesday on the website of the election headquarters policy.

Biden encourages companies to develop plans in the event of a failure in the supply of important products.

"As the United States, no ally of the United States should not depend on the supply of critical goods from countries such as China and Russia. This means developing new approaches to system security of supply – both individually and collectively – and update trading rules", - the document says.

However, in detail it is more about China, which Biden accused of creating barriers to the supply of raw materials to American companies. As examples he mentions cobalt, copper, graphite.

He calls to "bring to justice" competition, however, does not specify how.