Members of the United Nations agreed on the text of the Declaration to the 75-th anniversary of the UN

Members of the United Nations agreed on the text of the Declaration to the 75-th anniversary of the UN: in addition to traditional abstracts in the document touched upon the topic of pandemic coronavirus, of which the States have agreed to learn to account for them in the event of future crises.

It is expected that the General Assembly will adopt a Declaration on 21 September 2020 in the course of the week high level.

"We need to strengthen international cooperation, coordination and cohesion. It is important to learn, to share experiences and information to reduce risks and increase the resilience of our systems," reads the document.

Countries agreed to develop a global system of crisis prevention and response and agreed that it is urgent to accelerate the development, manufacture, new vaccines, medicines and medical equipment.

While the Declaration States that the vaccine should ensure equal access for all.

In addition, the member countries of the UN agreed to promote peace and prevent conflicts. Existing conflicts and threats to international peace and security should be immediately settled through peaceful means, says the text. "International arms control, nonproliferation and disarmament agreements... must be respected", - stated in the Declaration.

UN member States agreed that the diplomatic Toolkit of the Charter of the organization should be fully utilized, including preventive diplomacy and mediation. States urge UN Secretary-General to expand the Toolkit to prevent the escalation and recurrence of hostilities on land, on sea, in space and in cyberspace.

Signatories to the Declaration undertake to modernize the UN, the organization is more in line with today's realities. In addition they agreed to develop cooperation in the digital sphere. The document also refers to the need to preserve the planet and protect human rights.