NASA Boeing indicated at 81 problem after the failed launch Cockpit

NASA has identified more than 80 problems requiring revision in the created by Boeing piloted spaceship Cockpit, the date of his re test flight is still not defined, reported by NASA on Tuesday.

In December 2019, the ship Cockpit made its first test flight without a crew. For technical reasons, its docking with the ISS was cancelled. A few months later, after a failed test, the Deputy head of NASA for manned spaceflight Douglas Loverro said that the results of its first unmanned flight Starliner experts have identified more than 60 of the issues. He noted that the ship could double to lose.

Later in April, the developer of the ship, the Boeing company, announced that the Starliner will commit another unmanned flight. It was reported that he could be held in November. Representatives of NASA at a press briefing on Tuesday said that the flight will take place towards the end of this year, without confirming the specific terms.

Experts do not undertake to tell about the estimated time of the first manned flight of a new vehicle, knowing that it will not take place earlier than 2021.

"We are working closely with Boeing to ensure that the vehicle was allowed (for flight - ed.)", - said the head of the program of commercial flights NASA's Steve Stich.

He ruled out the possibility that NASA may reconsider the contract with Boeing in favor of Sierra Nevada, creating the Dream Chaser vehicle. "We do not conduct serious negotiations that Dream Chaser has become a substitute," said Stich.

Representatives of NASA asked me to explain why Boeing failed to achieve what could make SpaceX, a spaceship which the Crew Dragon earlier in may, delivered to the ISS two NASA astronauts. "Perhaps we have not spent the proper time," admitted Stich, noting that since SpaceX has proposed a more innovative approach, NASA paid more attention to him than the development of Boeing, which is building a Cockpit in the "traditional technology".

To resume its own manned space flight NASA in 2014 signed contracts with private U.S. companies, SpaceX and Boeing, are creating the ships Crew Dragon and Cockpit. The value of the contract to Boeing, including the creation of the ship and at least one manned launch, made up of $ 4.2 billion, SpaceX $ 2.6 billion.