FSB detained the recruiter of terrorists in Kaliningrad

Recruiters banned in Russia international terrorist organization was detained in Kaliningrad, reported RIA Novosti the representative of FSB of Russia across the Kaliningrad region Ekaterina Ispravnikova.

"Stopped by the criminal activities of four citizens of the Central Asian region that are members of the clandestine cells of international terrorist organization "Katib Tauhid Val-Jihad"* - said Ispravnikova.

Operation on detention was conducted by the staff of the regional FSB and border control. According to the Ministry, the recruiters were in the region of the ideological training of labor migrants from Central Asia to further transport them to the combat zone.

During a search of the apartment, where he lived detainees, were found extremist literature, flags and paraphernalia of a terrorist organization. Currently operatives establish the identity of accomplices and the circumstances of the activities of recruiters on the territory of the Kaliningrad region. Recruiters are taken into custody.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia