Sobchak have detained in the Lubyanka

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, has confirmed to RIA news that she was detained in the Lubyanka, but noted that he does not understand why, and in the picket in support of the suspected treason of adviser to the head of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov was not.

"Yes, (arrested), we are now in a police van together with eight fellow journalists. I was standing in a t-shirt "Freedom for Ivan Safronov", stood in the picket," - said Sobchak.

The presenter noted that the channel program is "Gently news", which she takes on news events.

"I came to write the liner, but also to maintain too. I had no plans to stand in the picket. I slipped the shirt on and wanted to draw attention to this problem. Because I think it is important now that the journalists were able to get answers so it was not a closed process under a blanket that article "Gosizmena", so we don't tell you" - said Sobchak.

"I do not really do understand why I was detained," - said Sobchak.

The ongoing campaign in support of Safronov in front of the FSB, as the correspondent of RIA Novosti, was detained more than 15 persons, including journalists of "Kommersant", Reuters, edition of "the Project".

According to the FSB, the adviser to the head of "Roscosmos" Ivan Safronov is suspected of passing secret information about Russian military-technical cooperation and the defense industry one of the special services of NATO. He was arrested on charges of treason.

According to Roscosmos, the detention of the person is not related to his work in the Corporation. Prior to that, Safronov worked in Newspapers "Vedomosti" and "Kommersant", engaged in military and space themes. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov noted that as a journalist detention is also not connected. The adviser himself doesn't admit guilt.

In the publishing house "Kommersant" accusations of treason in the address Safronov considered absurd, noting that he was a true patriot, who wrote about the army and space. "Vedomosti" also made a requirement that all the circumstances of the detained former journalist Safronov were considered impartially and with strict adherence to the law.