"We need another Tomos!" Why dissenters are returned in the UOC

. Created a year and a half ago on the basis of the structures of the schismatic "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" (ptsu) is crushed from within. For the power fight the few natives of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) and longtime leaders of the schism, who have never had legal status. This happens on the background of the return of fugitive priests in the canonical Church. On the causes of strife in the material RIA Novosti.

Vinnytsia region is predicted to have a status of "independence of the Church." In December 2018 it is here that began the transition of the priests of the UOC in ptsu, created a native of these parts of Petro Poroshenko. The ex-President has made the legalization of the schismatics of Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew.

"Since then we call him Varfolomei. Because he deceived the faithful — and they have gone into schism" — lamenting the resident of Vinnytsia Oleksandr Omelchuk.

First to the new "Church" joined the community of the Transfiguration Cathedral — December 17, two days after the "unification Council", the members of the two schismatic structures — the "Kiev Patriarchate" (KP) and the "Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church" (UAOC) — announced a merger.

"Initially, the service in the Cathedral came quite a lot of people. But then they became less. This Easter (April 19) we prayed at the temple gate, and there were more of us than those who are in the temple," says Alexander.

That is, the winery was never the "flagship" of the DNC, though the schism leaders pinned great hopes on it. Of the 943 communities to the new structure was joined only 90. And most of the temples, as noted in the canonical Ukrainian Church, the dissenters took.

Approximately 250 priests in late 2018 — early 2019, only 20 have gone into schism followed Metropolitan Simeon (Shostatsky), once one of the most influential hierarchs of the UOC. A half later, the clergy began to return to the mother Church.

Archpriest Roman Asaph from Kozyatyn is one of them. In the spring of 2019, he moved to the PCU. But his flock refused. So the priest of the lost Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov and was banned in the Ministry.

A year later he was back. In an interview with Ukrainian media said that "he did it because his flock", without which he was for many months. Prodigal shepherd repented for the sin of schism and was accepted back in the Vinnytsia eparchy of the UOC. Asafova restored in Sanaa, returned at its beginning Seraphim's parish.

So did another two priests from the diocese of Vinnytsia. The remaining 17 are still in schism. However, the Church is constantly inviting them to come to their senses and reconcile.

In the UOC hope to return and the rest of the clergy. Just split for the last year and a half took about 60 priests. Including two of the 89 bishops — after Simeon (Shostatsky) in the PCU passed the Metropolitan Alexander (drabinko).

The Synod of the Ukrainian Church dealt with them quite gently: banned breakaway bishops in Sana'a, but not deprived of it. That is, left the door ajar.

But the fugitives could be more. Throughout 2018 Poroshenko and the Patriarch of Constantinople, strongly lured by the clergy of the UOC on his side. It got to the threats and even kidnapping on the eve of the "unification Council" of the SBU took away in an unknown direction of Metropolitan of Mogilev-Podolsky Agapito, whose diocese is located in the Vinnytsia region. Through the day he was released.

After the establishment of the PCU the problems started and I dared to go over bishops. For example, Vinnitsa Metropolitan Simeon was not only left without about two hundred parishes, and a large congregation, but, in fact, was a stand-in bishops self-styled "Kiev Patriarchate" and the UAOC, which also have their parishes in the region.

In a similar situation and the former Metropolitan of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi Alexander (drabynko). In the split behind him left only one parish — Holy Transfiguration Church in Kyiv, where he served. When he announced the transition from the pulpit, a portion of the congregation left the temple.

Each of the other 58 bishops DNC is running a lot more communities. It can not hit the reputation of runaway metropolitans. After all, the idea Fanara they had become a "facade" for other local churches in the world, saying that if the canonical bishops are in the new structure, so it is necessary to recognize. They also had to demonstrate an example for the hesitating bishops of the UOC. Such, according to media reports, was about ten. One of the brightest representatives of this group, died the other day Metropolitan Sofrony of Cherkassy. Despite numerous statements in support of Ukrainian autocephaly, he remained faithful to the Church.

Had an obvious inequality between the former Metropolitan of the UOC, having valid according to the canons of world Orthodoxy, the ordination, and impostors, whose bishopric cannot be recognized as canonical. This led to increased tension inside the PCU. This is reported by several Ukrainian telegram-channels associated with the Church theme.

The Ukrainian edition of "Vesti", in turn, reported with reference to sources in the political circles that Simeon wants to see at the head of the DNC his longtime friend, Petro Poroshenko. Politician wants to replace the current "Patriarch" Epiphanius Dumenko. That from the point of view of the Orthodox canons do not the priest — he was "ordained" in the late nineties already anathematized by the head of the "Kiev Patriarchate" Filaret Denisenko, who had the right not only to commit any of the ordinances, but generally go to the temple.

The logic of Poroshenko, according to "News", is to make DNC a more manual, to help its members actively campaigned for headed ex-President of party "European solidarity" in the fall elections. Now a new "Church" tries to isolate themselves from the policy, in respect of which opened more than 20 criminal cases.

Against this background, in the PCU — decadent mood. Some clergy argue, to go back to the canonical Church. And people from the "Kiev Patriarchate" with the same thoughts I look to the side of Filaret Denisenko. The one a year ago, Poroshenko accused of treason, and the top of the PCU in unconditional obedience to the curators of Istanbul. And separated from the new structure.

And the other day he stated that the PCU issued the Tomos does not make it free, voicing and so a pretty obvious thing.

"The Patriarch of Constantinople should give us a Tomos, which he gave to the Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian churches. Here is a Tomos we need!" — demanded schismatic.

Before the formation of the DNC, he ran the six thousand parishes. Last spring there was only a couple of dozen. And now there are more than 300 former supporters back.

The situation with the fragmentation of schismatic structures reminiscent of the events of the first half of the 90s, when created Philaret "of the Kiev Patriarchate" has begun fermentation.

"Then a few liepiskiu, who belonged to the UAOC and then followed Filaret, repented and returned to the canonical Church. Among of them acting Metropolitan of the UOC: Kherson — John (Siopko) and Khmelnitsky — Antoniy (Fialko). They overcame the temptation and went back," says Church historian Vladislav parsley.