In Balashikha end residential building collapsed casing

Part of the skin of the facade from the side of the house collapsed in one of the districts of Balashikha near Moscow, forces the management company there made the removal of bricks, according to RIA Novosti the management of housing and communal services of the municipality.

"At the city district of Balashikha, microdistrict 1 May, 24 there was a partial delamination of bricks on the facade of the house. Forces management company "PIK-Comfort" was carried out protection measures, namely the dismantling of bricks in areas of delamination on the front of the house", - stated in the message.

According to the Ministry, this house was included in the program overhaul of apartment buildings in 2020 with the work "repair of the facade".

"At present, the major repair Fund in Moscow region electronic auction to determine the contractor. After determining a contractor will begin work on the renovation of the facade of the house No. 24 in the district on May 1", - said there.

The press-service of administration of Balashikha yet failed to obtain.