The Spanish Supreme court rejected the claims against the exhumation of Franco

The Spanish Supreme court has rejected three lawsuits filed in connection with the exhumation of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco (reign 1939-1975), according to Spanish television TVE.

The text of the decision must be fully unveiled in the coming days.

Claims on the illegality of the exhumation was filed by the Foundation Francisco Franco, the Benedictine fellowship of Cuelgamuros (which manages the Basilica in the valley of the Fallen, where the grave of the dictator) and the Association for the protection of the Valley of the Fallen.

The point in this case was delivered after the Supreme court rejected the last of lawsuits filed against judge Pablo Lucas, who in September last year confirmed the legality of the exhumation. According to the Foundation for Franco, the judge could not be impartial because in 1991, he was part of the competition Committee that approved the candidacy of Carmen Calvo (now occupies the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Spain) for the position of full Professor of constitutional law at the University of córdoba.

The Fund is required to recognize the court decision illegal and to return the body of Franco in the place of former burial.

Franco's remains reburied 24 Oct 2019: the remains were transferred from the Basilica in the valley of the Fallen where the tombs of the victims of the civil war (1936-1939) both sides, from the cemetery of Mingorria in El Pardo near Madrid, where are buried his wife. Initiated the reburial was made by the socialist government.