Morocco was allowed to resume work at the mosques closed because COVID-19

Moroccan authorities allowed to resume work at the mosques, closed in March in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus, under condition of observance of all necessary measures for the health and safety and temporary ban on holding Friday prayers, said Tuesday the Ministry of Awqaf (Islamic religious property) of the Kingdom.

"Following consultations with medical and administrative authorities decided to open mosques throughout the country to conduct the five daily prayers since the 15th of July" - it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the Ministry.

Being in the mosque, the faithful are obliged to wear masks and observe the distancing. However, it is not allowed to hold a mass Friday prayer, the decision about their renewal will be made separately specified in the statement.

Moroccan authorities earlier extended until 10 July, the sanitary regime of emergency imposed to combat COVID-19. In this case, from 25 June as part of a gradual easing of the quarantine was lifted a number of restrictions. In particular, it is allowed to run cafes and restaurants subject to occupancy not more than 50%, as well as commercial activities in shopping centers. Also was reopened road and rail links between cities and flights within the country. At the same time, museums, theatres, cinemas and public swimming pools remain closed

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health, the country was 14565 cases of infection with coronavirus, including more than 10 thousand cases of recovery and 239 cases with a fatal outcome.

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