The expert assessed the situation around the presidential elections in the United States

Presidential elections in the United States can balance the political field in the country, including the crisis in the media, says a senior researcher Annenbergs school for communication and journalism at the University of southern California, Vasily Gatov.

The U.S. presidential election will be held on 3 November. The democratic presidential candidate former us Vice-President Joe Biden.

According to Rose, the results of the US presidential elections and the subsequent developments will depend very much, because "America is full polustanochki assumptions that Donald trump will not accept defeat".

"If the White house will change the guard and the possible coming to power of the democratic administration, there are enough tools in order to enter the political field of America in a more balanced state, to begin the national dialogue, the situation might improve, but temporarily," said Delegates at the conference.

According to him, the society is still waiting for a crises and it showed that "not ready from the point of view of their media education, nor from the point of view of literacy in the use of the entire Arsenal of modern media to the challenges of this kind."

"We face big trouble, but we can if American politics allow it, to appear a certain period in order to prepare for this, having more rational people in the White house is not inclined to drink the most vicious of poisons, invented within the last decade, "mediarelay", he concluded.