In South Korea, has identified 44 new cases COVID-19

South Korea has registered 44 new cases COVID-19 per day, the total number of infected people has increased to 13 181, recovered 11 914 have been killed and 285, said the organization of the Centers for control and disease prevention (KCDC) under the Ministry of health.

The whole of June in South Korea, all new local clusters COVID-19 and growth in the number of imported cases caused daily periodic jump in the number of infected. On 20 June, it reached 67, and 22 June – 17 people. In the last week the daily number of new infected in the country is held in the corridor of 40 to 70 people.

According to KCDC, 20 of the number of new cases have a local origin, another 24 imported from abroad. 13 cases were recorded in Gyeonggi province, others across the country. 16 infected revealed at the quarantine inspection.

For the past day hospital 66 discharged employees, the total number recovered up to 11 914, which is 90.4 percent. The number of victims has reached 285 people. Only South Korea checked for coronavirus already more than 1.34 million people.

More than 5.2 thousand people among all the infected are connected with the sect of "Sinchonri". At least 1714 cases were brought from abroad, of which 75% of Korean citizens. At the quarantine inspection even if entry into the country has identified in total 793 infected.

In Seoul in one of the churches of Gwanak district contracted for 37 people. Small local outbreaks of coronavirus emerged in several cities in Gyeonggi province. So 29 people have been infected in the gym, with another 25 people in the congregation. At the same time in kwanju already 92 people have been infected in a Buddhist temple Kannika.

Among the new cases of coronavirus, imported from abroad, 13 were detected in hotels from Kazakhstan, six from the Americas.

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